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Half H-Akiha is a fantastic character on paper, with great footsies, powerful simple combos that have long corner carry, amazing health, great meter gain, and overall an amazing normal moveset. The trajectory isn’t as useful as Crescent’s, but it retains aerial momentum as well as aerial options if you recover before landing. The most useful out of the bunch when it comes to pressure. Gives frame advantage on block in most situations. This is where things get fun. It angles downward, so this is the preferred move to use as a jumpin or while descending on your opponent. The basic use is the same as the one that Full moon has, but since you can reverse beat and air dash cancel it in H-Moon, you can use almost any way you want for guard breaks.

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This is the attack to counter with if an anti-air ground EX-Shield is landed. Can be blocked high or low. You cannot combo into this if they are airborne. Akiha jumps and casts a pit of flame on the ground that drains the opponent’s life and meter. Also looks like it can crossup in some situations.

Akiha “Crimson Red Vermillion Akiha” Toono

Views Read View source View history. If you happen to hit with this in the corner but aren’t able to confirm into anything, you can dash in and OTG them. Akiha is Shiki Tohno’s younger sister, and master of the Tohno household. Leading into this move, then picking it up for the rest of the combo leads to H-Akiha’s big damage combos. Avoid using this in air combos if you can as j.


Starts up slow, hits once, but it is plus on block and you can combo after a successful hit. A mixup, or use a special B, tk.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno – Mizuumi Wiki

For some chars you’ll need to slightly delay 5BB after 2C. As far as establishing pressure goes, most players generally perform minor zoning with aerial ribbons, camping a pillar, or throwing out a pit to force the opponent to move. It pretty much only hits below her. Charged TK flametongue lets you set a pillar or dash in and pressure, but not both unless your opponent really respects you.

Unless you’re using the EX version, this move isn’t really worth using unless it is the aerial version or tigerkneed. Creates a web further away and slightly higher up.

Same properties as the B version, but the distance makes it of very limited usefulness. Standard jab, combos into itself, can be spammed. Useful in blockstrings if you properly space for it, or to quickly tap the opponent if they’re in its range.

In all situations where your opponent is knocked down at your feet, your optimal oki will be A. However, Akiha can only use her specials in blockstrings after she’s instilled the fear of her staggered normals Learn to do tk.

Akiha’s okizeme game after her throws, B, and 2C is very respectable as she has a lot of options to work with but her air throw knockdown is very weak.


Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno/PS2 – Mizuumi Wiki

Confirm on crouchers only, slightly delay the 5C after 5B. Can be used as antiair sometimes in the sense of hitting opponent in the air as they leave the ground from a jump.

Use them once they’ve become scared of your normals and learn to react to the various situations accordingly ie counterhit on mashers, follow into aerial if they tried akiah jump a pillar, dash in and mixup on block You can use it as a full screen ground to air unblockable as well, but it will whiff against many air dashing opponents, and can be shielded easily if they are in a neutral state in the air.

Let the 2A fully recover so 5[B] becomes usable again, delayed 2A 2C makes grabbing easier. Advanced corner combo, use less delay to juggle them higher. C, her offense can be considered superior in the sense that it gives her a real crossup game that works even outside of okizeme but now she no longer has akina air normal that hits above her.

Retrieved from ” http: You may also simply jump over them or use neutral jump momentum to create another aliha mixup; delay your jump so your landing is synchronized with their akkha timing.

Akiha takes a slightly higher hop forward and throws out multiple ribbons.