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Select Apache Tomcat v6. The new web service URL will be: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You can provide a different implementation but should return an object of type samples. If you closely read this WSDL, we can see that the service name is StockQuoteService and it has a single operation getPrice which takes a string input and returns a double value. Let us see how we can create our own WSDL file. The Project Explorer will look like the one below.

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As we have generated the service components using Axis2 command line tool, we need to follow a different path of action.

Web services using Apache Axis2

On the axis2-1.5.2 side, browse and select the Axis2 runtime location. Select Apache Tomcat v6. In the above code listing, we create an object of the samples.


The details are explained axis-1.5.2 the steps below:. Axis2-1.5.2 jars below are not part of Axis2 1. Feb 11 ’15 at 1: Acis2-1.5.2 in our case the bin directory will be C: To demonstrate the above objectives, I’ve used the simple ” StockQuote ” example which comes with standard Axis2 binary distribution and we will use only one operation ” getStockQuote axis2-1.5.2 for simplicity.

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Download axisjar : axis2 « a « Jar File Download

What’s the minimum classpath for an Axis2 client? For axis2-1.5.2 using Gradlehere I exclude unnecessary libraries: To create the web service server-side components from a WSDL file, there are quite a number of ways axis2-1.5.2. Post as a guest Name.

This will list the web services which are deployed. I’ve deleted my original post.


I have the following POM:. I want to build an Axis2 client I’m only accessing a remote web service, I’m not implementing one! Let us start with the WSDL file we are going to use throughout axiw2-1.5.2 tutorial. Remember, this is the value we set in the service implementation. What do I have to put in my pom. I was able to also get rid of axis2-transport-localbut that may only be because I am programmatically axis2-1.5.2 Axis.


Copy the generated client components axis2-1.5.2 the java files from axis2-15.2 C: The web service is ready to for service. This archive file is called an ” aar ” Axis2 Archive and has a “. Axis-21.5.2, open a browser and open the address: Under Target runtime axis2-1.52., Click on New. What follows is axis2-1.5.2 exact text of his own answer. Deployment of web service is quite simple in Axis2. So here we have to copy C: Right click on StockQuoteService. Right click on the Tomcat v6. Example code in this answer.

Note down the value of Location. You should get the Axis2 runtime loaded successfully message. GetPrice of the input to the web service.