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The Order kept close tabs on all Cardassian citizens to ensure loyalty, and was greatly feared. At the heart of this idea to promote the collective good lies the family. The rebels capture the ship while the four escape. However, the agency operates at a much lesser efficiency than it once did. A Terran rebellion was formed shortly thereafter. Five days later, the Klingons had been expelled from Cardassian space and nearly the entire Maquis movement was slaughtered by the Dominion except for those on the USS Voyager , which was lost in the Delta Quadrant at the time.

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This sometimes leads to misunderstandings with non-Cardassians, as Cardassians are not known for their pleasant personalities to begin with, so non-Cardassians are often caught off guard when a Cardassian suddenly becomes romantic with them after spending days bickering.

Cardassia, stinging from its own self-perceived weakness in dealing with the Bajorans and the Maquis and only exacerbated by its recent military losses to the Klingons, would eventually make the ultimate deal with the devil. Retrieved from ” https: January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A striking example of how this desire for the collective good can be used for terrible ends is witnessing how the Cardassian judicial system operates. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Their home world is Cardassia in the Alpha Quadrant. Cardassians typically have long, jet-black hair, slicked back by males, and either grey-blue or black colored eyes.

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Conversely, high level Order operatives and other senior Order officials are frequently reminded that the Obsidian Order’s autonomy is a privilege that can be revoked at any time by the Central Command, should the Order do something that displeases them, something which would effectively cripple the Order. Therefore it is a pleasant surprise when on rare occasions, someone meets an amiable Cardassian. However, none of this would come to pass. The USS Defiant attacked DS9 and managed to take it back when a physical entity known as the Bajoran Prophets prevented and stopped an entire Dominion fleet, sent to reinforce Dominion lines, on its way through the wormhole.

Their entire concept of justice is precisely inverted from our own caradssian order to vindicate the State, its prosecution, and its cadassian in reaching a guilty verdict because it is simply inconceivable that the State, in its effort to promote cardassoan collective good, could ever be wrong.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Deep Space Nine ‘s run about Cardassians’ preference for heat, while characters like Elim Garak complain about the uncomfortably cool temperatures preferred by non-Cardassians. They are also armed with numerous secondary phaser cannons mounted at other points across the hull, and they may carry a complement of photon torpedoes. Archived from the original on November 21, Alliance scientist Jennifer Sisko built a device that would reveal the rebels’ base in the Badlands.

Its ruins were plundered by starving Cardassians who sought to sell whatever they could to provide for themselves. As seen in later Deep Space Nine episodes, the Galaxy-class vessel was produced far more than its original run, so it does seem odd that the similarly advanced Keldon did not appear as often.

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Subsequently, a Cardassian named Broca became Legate and puppet ruler of Cardassia with his information, and after treason within the Revolt, the Dominion crushed it and forced Damar into hiding. The Cardassian cost due to the Dominion War was the highest of all the major powers.


Larger vessels and units require dalin or dal level officers. It is a small attack craft composed of a semi-elliptical fore with a short aft extension ending in a pincer-shaped disruptor cardassiah.

Inunder the leadership of Tain who believed that the Central Command was being too complacent about the threat of the Dominion, the Obsidian Order and their Romulan equivalent, cardassia Tal Shiarallied in an attempt to destroy the Dominion. However, the Federation officers discovered a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant close to the station ” Emissary “.


A Terran rebellion was formed shortly thereafter. Suspects have no legal recourse to appeal a verdict once it is made. Many guls are quite influential, building up extensive vesala networks. But it also balances out this portrayal by showing a race that is not solely defined by these actions.

Officers who were caught in such an affair were often severely admonished, often being reassigned to posts they find extremely unpleasant, such as guard duty at the Cardassian Embassy on Breen reputed to be a frozen wastelandor even downright offensive. In some households, four generations eat at the same table. Males are generally taller than the average and both genders have narrower hips and wider shoulders. But they can also be corrupted, manipulated, and exploited to justify unspeakable acts in the name of ensuring and preserving those very same things.

For those that wish to continue the epic tale of the Cardassians, I highly recommend the excellent Star Trek books of Una McCormack, which can be found here.