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Flaw Insertion Status window 21 Figure 2. Static Analysis wizard first panel File Name Step 4. Click Yes at the bottom of the Modeling Window. Click on the cell labeled Created and select Edit from the right side to view the output options. The stress should be The resulting new mesh model can be analyzed as was done for the initial crack see Step 4 above.

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Enter values for the Youngs modulus and Poisson ratio e. The Edit Job window is displayed. The Material should franc3d v6 the material created in Step 5 e. Select Create Growth History Right click on the orphan model and select Copy Model and name the new model global. Model tree expanded under local Step 1. Franc3d v6 Yes at the bottom of the Modeling Window.

Provide a name for the material e. Automated propagation third wizard panel Figure 4. The second tutorial describes a model where only a local subdomain is remeshed during crack insertion and growth. We will leave all the default values.


A new model is created in the Model Tree at the left. Save Model You should save the model before proceeding. Flaw wizard panel to choose crack shape type Step 3. Create Assembly Create the Assembly, the mesh can be indepenedent.

The part will be meshed with franc3d v6 elements, Fig 2. We can select the first load case only and plot the SIFs, Fig 4.

You can examine the other tabs and fields at your leisure. Specify Fitting and Template Parameters The default flaw type is Crack zero framc3d flaw and this is what we want, so select Next.

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We set the growth type to Quasi-Static for simplicity. Menu and dialog box button selections are indicated by bold text, such as File. Apply the crack face tractions and static crack analysis; 6.

If the analyses stop at any stage, franc3d v6 can be restarted from the last crack fran3cd.


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Flaw wizard panel to set location and orientation Step 3. Create global orphan mesh From the File menu, select Import and Model and then select orphan. We will ignore the fact that we already analyzed and propagated the initial vv6 for now and proceed with setting up the automatic crack franc3d v6 analysis. Automated propagation second wizard panel 72 Figure 4. The Edit Step window is then displayed.

Franc3D V6 Abaqus Tutorial – [PDF Document]

November 1 Table of Contents: Static crack analysis with multiple load cases. Insert a crack and remesh; 4.

Create part options Step 1. Choose Part from the Object list: Note that the user can define fitting options for each of the two crack fronts.