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house dimir

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You want to deceive your fellow players without necessarily betraying them. After the events of the Dissension novel, a new Guildpact is formed that does not recognize the House Dimir as an official guild.

House Dimir

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Inaccurate, Obscene or Libelous Statements Prohibited. White Blue Black Red Green. House Dimir Blue Black. To House Dimir, knowledge is power.

Building the Guilds – House Dimir | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

The guild also utilises undead such as zombies, skeletons and ghosts, which are great considering they are uninterrogatable and usually blamed on the Golgari Swarm. One agent knows another only by a code name, or receives communications only at a particular meeting spot at a specific place and time. This is a new system to 5e, and basically is a kind of abstractified experience; you start off as a general worker Renown 1and as you complete missions for the Guild or do things that get you noticed, your Renown increases, giving you increased abilities.


The generous interpretation is that this is deliberate, since unless you really fuck things up, you’re also gain Renown in a second guild at the same time.

The Dimir agent who recruited me was unmasked and killed. You might never meet your primary guild contact face to face, instead receiving assignments and sending reports by way of secret message drops and codes.

Like any good spy, you have multiple identities: He or she, or it shapeshifts into a variety of guises as his needs and plans require; he may step out into the Ravnican streets as an elderly widow to eavesdrop at the bazaar, become a vedalken hussar to sidestep a checkpoint, or transform into a Tin Street merchant to deceive a passing noble.

The idea of stealing thoughts instead of treasure has a special appeal to you. Monk, rogue, wizard If the following sentences describe you, you might enjoy playing a character who belongs housee House Dimir: Colors of Magic Ravnica guilds. The main mechanic of dimir is Mill, a strategy which involves taking chunks off the top of an opponents library, and sending them straight to the graveyard.

House Dimir – 1d4chan

Mechanic where when you cast a spell, you can exile it “encoded” on a creature of your choice. Lazav is a shapeshifting mage who serves as the nexus of telepathic impressions of the entire Dimir network. The Ravnican people generally believe that there are only nine guilds and that if there ever was a tenth, it dissolved thousands of years ago.

Secrets and misinformation are your stock in trade. House Dimir is a guild of secrecy, manipulation and underhanded deals, a shadowy organization operating behind the scenes to twist Ravnica to its own ends. The Dimir game mechanic is Transmute: When I’m in doubt about revealing something, I assume its a secret, and I don’t share it. Very similar to scry, allowing the player to look at X cards from the top of their deck, and place any number back on top in any order, and the rest into the graveyard.


Within that secondary guild, you might already be on a mission for House Dimir, assigned to spy on the guild, collect information about a person, or recruit another spy from the ranks of the guild.

He is ultimately defeated when Jarad takes control of the lupus and forces them to attack him. On the surface, House Dimir presents the appearance of a network of couriers, investigators, media reporters, and archivists, dealing in information and spreading news.

If we are unable to dimit a reasonable resolution, or if we become aware of a pattern of violations of our Policy, we may pursue appropriate legal action. An immortal entity, Szadek ruled the guild for ten thousand years until he was arrested and killed in the turmoil of the Decamillennial Celebration.

Spirits are also used by the Dimir to pass on messages, carry out surveillance invisibly or even to possess important figures such as judges and senators. Secrecy is House Dimir’s weapon and its best defense, and the guild is hidden even from itself.

Building the Guilds – House Dimir

Wizards’ Trademarks and Product Images. Views Favorites Comments 0. A special variant of mill called Grind appears on many Dimir cards in the Return to Ravnica block.