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You can really “walk” in the virtual tours by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around degree. Zoom Map You could zoom map on Stage at a specified percentage. You can turn left and right, turn up and down, zoom in and out, and reset the panorama. If the images are too large in size and dimension, the loading speed and consistency of the final virtual tour will be affected. In the first window, Pan values can’t be adjusted. Workflow The general workflow of making a virtual tour with Panowalker is as follows: You can really “walk” in the virtual tours by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around degree.

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Click here to review our site terms of use. Click on the non-hotspot area on a panoramic image to select a pano, and panowwlker pano properties panel will appear. You can also contact Easypano Customer Service Team. Send me a reminder of this publication. You should burn all the files onto CD so that it can be viewed properly. Easypano has penetrated the global marketplace through advanced Internet distribution and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and developers.

As the latest virtual tour solution from Easypano, Panowalker 2 creates realistic walkthrough virtual tours with multiple panowalker 2.00, hotspot, etc. In panowalker 2.00 situation, the path can’t be edited. Set x,y coordinates of hotspot. Click the blank area in front of path name, the path panowalker 2.00 be locked, and an icon will appear. Just import a series of panoramas taken equidistantly and Panowalker can build a tour with a walking path automatically. Edit Point on Path The points on path represent the imported panoramic images respectively.


Virtual Tour Software pqnowalker Tourweaver The most powerful virtual tour creating software for creating interactive virtual tours.

Also used to designate the quoted terms or menus of the software Note Used to arouse the readers’ attention towards certain operations or things they should consider Tips Used to offer some extra techniques on how to use Panowalker Copyright Announcement This manual, as well as the software described in it, is furnished under license and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of such license.

Selecting multiple hotspots is supported. Except as permitted by such license, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written panowalker 2.00 of Easypano.

PanoWalker This page is under construction. You panowalker 2.00 see two points connected by a straight line in the map. You can panowalker 2.00 “walk” in the virtual tours by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around degree. If you want to burn the virtual tour onto CD, you can check this.

Panowalker Official Version is Released!

The Online Virtual Tour Creator panowalker 2.00 several image formats and lets you create Virtual Panowalker 2.00 from the scratch in just two clicks: Application of flash virtual tour After you created the Flash virtual tour with Panowalker, you can either embed in your website, or burn it onto a CD. Display the Pano name. Adjust location through the buttons and. Find us in Facebook and thank you for your Like.


System requirements To use Panowalker in Windows, you need: During activation, the product does not scan your hard drives or collect any data other than the minimum information required to verify your license.

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Stitch Camera Raw image to panorama 6. The map will be shown in the tour if this is selected. Click on one point on a path. For details, please refer to Edit Hotspot. Click panowalker 2.00 a hotspot name to specify its location and the hotspot properties will appear. In the pamowalker properties panel, click “Add Path”.

Panowalker 2.00 Official Version is Released!

Keep the nodal point at the same level. Right click stitching without opening Panorama Software Panoweaver 4. Flash Panorama Software – Panoweaver 5.