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Now You can use animated biped to collide it with Impact and Inactive opbjects sep. Each fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength. RayFire will interactively update Impact Objects list when You select objects. Send to Sleeping list button if Dynamic objects menu. RayFire license is Perpetual and provides one year of Support and Maintenance which includes all new releases for Free. Allows you to use deformable objects as Unyielding objects and affect on simulated objects.

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Multiple bomb support for Reactor Explosion 5. Interactive demolition support for groups. To use this feature set Iterations spinner to 0.

RayFire 1.58 plugin for 3ds Max 2009 – 2013

Allows You to set up a lot of bombs with different explosion options. Also there is new Solidity property for materials which allows tomake objects harder or easier to break during Interactive Demolition.

Fixed bug with big Really big object fragmentation. Blizzard used RayFire for Diablo 3 cinematics.

Shatter | RayFire Studios

New build fragments object 6 times faster. Wood splinters fragmetnation type. Pay attention that spinner works in conjuction with Rayfire 1.58 plugin tolerance spinner.


For instance, if your iteration ison first level your object will be demolished on fragments, with Depth Ration 0. Houdini edition of the renderer gets support for texture baking, and Nvidia’s OptiX denoising in interactive renders.

FIxed bug with assigning Physx modifier for each glued demolished fragment Fixed bug with Physx influence list. New feature in build 1.

What mean by compiled? Support for Deformation animation and Topology changes RayFire cache.

Changelog | RayFire Studios

Makes Voronoi frags more natural looking. What are the chances of this being ported to Maya? Two types for now: You can specify angle threshold in Advanced Rayfide rollout.

Animated 3D Cracks inside refractive object. Useful for simple quick simulations. Voronoi Radial fragmentation type. Thanks for the costumer service Mir.

RayFire 1.58 plugin (Destroy, Demolish, Wreck) for 3ds Max 2009 – 2013 has been released.

Now there are 5 less materials in Preset list. Not understand why Maya olugin crying that they need rayfire when Maya have hell amount of RBD plugins. Gives You the ability to effect objects right inside dynamic simulation.


Now RayFire use for them concave simulation geometry instead of convex.

STL check pligin — performs STL check on selected objects, suggest to select objects with errors in case found them. Deactivated objects keeps their original animation and behaves like unyielding objects until something will activate them.

Turns out Editable Poly fragments may cause rayfire 1.58 plugin corruption in some cases. You should add this object in PhysX Influence list to make it active.

Trace Maps link in About. Size filter for simulated objects. Physx plugin by itself is unable to simulate concave animated objects Concave geometry suport by defauilt only exists for static objects. Select by Size in Tools rollout: Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.