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It Gotta Add Up One Thing I Know. The Real Talk Era Uma Vez Kell Smith. Slaine] All eyes are staring at me, people watching the villain They see my rising with the rebels to the top of the building Being stuck down at the bottom is the vilest feeling Desolate soul for vodka that’s swilling, popping the pilling Jealously swirling in their eyes, they’re plotting to kill em But I been there and believe me, I ain’t forgotten the feeling I lived the dark nights and heard the pain crash from the ceiling I mean the raindrops hang in ‘caine spots with dealers Now fighting a different war, smoking less, sniffing more Every week a different chore, every month a different tour I got a gang of haters everyday I piss em off a little more Whatchu think I got a fucking pistol for?

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In My Feelings Drake. Blacastan 07 Nuclear Winter feat.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Madchild I’m a fuckin’ mad dog like Floyd Banner Avoid cannons, my boys destroy whole planets I’m blowin’ up like an Hatrd prayin’ bombin’ trains Rise from my atomic layer, resurrecting Amadeus Define challengers, lines of 9 caliber In your whole world, my minds the Mayan calendar I blast a rapper like I’m playin’ a thr of Galaga Snowgoons the hatred up like we the Taliban, my style’s infallible Spit hellfire, breathe holograms And motherfucker I’m the truth bring a polygraph I paint a picture of misfortune using bloody graphics I walk into a funeral and make a sudden racket I’m a gladiator dog, I’m a thoroughbred I’ll slice your snnowgoons and leave you bleedin’, drippin’ pearl red Sick white boys make a lot of fuckin’ noise, BAXWAR army marchin’ deeper than the Ducky Boys Outro: You weak, our fury is full of hatred snowgoons the hatred 2: Hatred Wherever we go, wherever we stay There is hate.


The Hatred

Black Snow 2 Heyo! Hip-Hop Horrorcore Suggested Artists: New Rules Dua Lipa. The buildings and walls are are falling If you don’t know, you should by now It’s the motherfucking Snowgoons in the building And you’re rocking with Singapore Kane and Slaine It’sdummy [Verse 1: Hatred The artists and the record company own ALL snowgopns to snowgoons the hatred song.

Alright so, Horrorcore is a subgenre of Hip-Hop.

Snowgoons – The Hatred 2 Lyrics

Snowgoons is a German underground group. What you talking about? Snowgoons – The Hatred 2 Lyrics Artist: Email Passwort 30 Tage merken.

Snowgoons The Hatred 2 feat. Michael Nobody aka Poetic Death. Snowgoons the hatred site uses cookies. All lyrics in our website are provided for educational purposes only and they are property and copyright of their owners.


This Is Goons Shit. Jealousy’s a disease that affect my enemies They’re scheming snowgoons the hatred they’re sipping on the Hennessy Snowgokns, I’m overseas making G’s like Snowgopns stick banks Rocking mics, sniffing foreign coke out of Swiss francs [Chorus: It Gotta Add Up.


Email required Address never made public. Wearedestroyer Welcome all who somehow stumbled upon this. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This is for educational, commenting and criticism use, with the term “fair use”. My rhyme is torture, slowly snowgooons out your guts While your whole body soaked in alcohol and paper cuts Then the knife slides into your right thigh You think you might die, you right, you see the visions of your life fly Right past you, my clique’ll really bash you Into your skull then suck your brains out like a vacuum My backroom is filled with goons and street thugs Killers hate love, sweeten your [?

Really delete this comment? Do U Bac Down. Jealousy’s a disease that affect my enemies They’re scheming while they’re snowgoons the hatred on the Hennessy Me, I’m overseas making G’s like I stick banks Rocking mics, sniffing foreign coke out sowgoons Swiss francs [Chorus: