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teldrassil burning moving

As Sylvanas was losing the battle, Saurfang snuck up behind Malfurion and incapacitated him with a throw of his axe, gravely wounding him. Both forces tried to deal with each threat. The night elves had lured High Overlord Suarfang into an ambush in Astranaar , but they failed to assassinate him. The Monstrous Shredder was brought down by the druids and the champion, while Delaryn drove the invaders away. Previous Wars category Battles category Next. Malfurion ordered Delaryn to find any defenders she could rally at Lor’danel. When High Overlord Saurfang arrived and took residence in the Astranaar inn, a night elf rogue named Tavar disguised himself as a Forsaken and tried to lure Saurfang into the open for an ambush.

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Delaryn and the champion went to investigate it at Nazj’vel. Knowing the night elves would resist them at every step of the way, including during occupation, she also planned to kill Malfurion Stormrage.

Teldrassil is Burning

teldeassil The forest was still brimming with Stormrage’s forces. Saurfang noted that the wisps had responded to Malfurion’s call, and making more of the forest cry for help might just work.

Sylvanas’ intuition told her Malfurion planned to attack Astraanar. Having been ousted from their own is what had sent the Blackwood furbolg into a frenzy. Meanwhile, word was sent to the night elven fleet to return. Following the war with the Burning Legionthe Alliance etldrassil Horde ‘s navies were diminished.


He gave them a hellion to ride on and they rained Azerite-powered destruction down upon the night elven forces, which had been reinforced with the full might of the ancients.

War of the Thorns

Saurfang approached the archdruid from behind, and tossed his axe at Stormrage. The Horde retaliates by using Goblin Hellions. Saurfang was impressed by the Horde rogues’ effectiveness, since not a single night elf was alive when they got there. However, the town was also being overrun with wisps.

The mineral would be primordial in the assault against the night elves, and they could not be allowed to gather it. The Horde thus fell back onto Zoram’gar Outpostwith their intention to conquer the World Tree before Stormwind ‘s reinforcements arrive.

While helping te,drassil citizens escape and assisting the fight at Lor’danel, Malfurion and Sylvanas locked in one-on-one combat once more.

The champion found Sylvanas at the border between Ashenvale and Darkshore. With the Darnassian forces rallied, the champion rejoined with Malfurion at Rut’theran Village. As Tyrande arrived on the scene, she questioned why Saurfang would not kill Malfurion, to which he felt he did not deserve to due to his dishonorable actions. Now was the time to strike and take the World Tree. Saurfang’s battalions finally arrived, trapping Lor’danel from both sides.

Sylvanas praised Saurfang’s effort, whereas he felt the blow dishonorable, then gave him the order to execute Malfurion. In the meantime, they would keep the kaldorei under pressure.


At that moment, the Horde army, joined by the Warchief herself, had arrived, and stood before an already burning Astranaar.

When Sylvanas Windrunner launched a sneak attack on Ashenvale, the majority of the night elf army was close to Silithus and couldn’t get back to defend. Sylvanas incapacited the champion and congratulated the orc, before asking him to finish the druid and leaving for the shore. He then heard the Ancients call to them.

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Saurfang knelt on the ground. Corpses of Orgrimmar grunts lay on the ground as Malfurion was fighting Sylvanas. Genn wished for Astarii’s goddess to watch over her one last time before Genn, Mia, the Alliance champion, and the night elf child escaped the burning city together.

Usually, going through a zone today is similar to visiting the zone two years ago, and we expect the experience will be nearly identical two years in the future. Both sides try to gather as much as possible. It had reached the Northern Barrens by now.

King Anduin Wrynn received disturbing messages from Alliance operatives stationed in Orgrimmar. They had scaled the mountains of Felwood. There had been no sign of Stormrage. Sylvanas meanwhile ordered Varok Saurfang to scale the mountains of Felwood and attack from the north.