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Note that you may need to change your security preferences to allow installing software from “unknown” developers. You can run WeavePoint in several ways on a Mac. Remember that you can test WeavePoint on your Mac using the WeavePoint demo version before purchase, if you want to try it out. By the way, this works also with the other grids. Then just fill in warp colors to make vertical stripes or weft colors to make horizontal stripes. Because Macs use Intel processors since , which is the same processor type that PCs use, it is now easy to run Windows software on Macs.

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Switch colors, change colors or colorways, and more. We can of course think of the red color and the blue color and so on, but with many similar colors we often need to look at the index. How can I change the yarn colors? Mouse It can be convenient to use a mouse for drawing weaveplint the WeavePoint grids.

First you make and weavepoint the blocks file. It combines an unprecedented ease-of-use, derived from the Windows environment, with revolutionary and stunning graphics. If you increase weavepoint I went from 96 to with a Retina screenmenu and Help text will get larger.

Say yes to install Weavepoint.

WeavePoint Home

But note that shrinking or enlarging the drafts in the publishing software will also affect grid size and line width. Thanks to the two groups with ground harness, you can combine bindings with different weave units. Your profile draft and a file with the blocks you want to use. Or open the color palette click the color icon in toolbar and double click on your color index. WeavePoint is the easiest and fastest way to integrate a computer into weabepoint weaving.


It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. This will create an icon weavepoint in weavepoint PlayOnMac window and on the desktop. You can use a weavepoint yarn color index or you can change the color of the yarn color index you already use in the pattern.

How can I get a print preview when printing? Where can I find useful resources for WeavePoint on the net? You can use this to insert or weavepoint a color sequence.

WeavePoint | Weaving software

What is a file extension? It can be convenient to use a mouse for drawing in the WeavePoint grids. Edit weavepoint in the Edit Colors window. Visual Floats – An interactive dialogue in the Analyze menu, lets weavepoint see floats by selected length visually in the drawdown. The software may weacepoint utilized as a personal weaving design program, or it weavepoinh also be used for teaching students about weaving and weave patterns; as the software uses industry standards and weavepoint in the tools they provide for creating patterns.

How can I run WeavePoint on a Mac? For loom control, you could also use a low cost pc for this purpose by the weavepoint, design patterns on your Wweavepoint and transfer them to the pc by email or a memory stick.


weavepoit To check which color indexes are already in use, weavepoint place the cursor over the color in the warp or weft color grid, and the color index will be displayed in weavepoint status bar.

Each time you fill in a square, the program updates all technical information. Remember that you can test WeavePoint on your Mac using the WeavePoint demo version before weavepoint, if you want to try it out. Complex Drafting is tuned especially for making patterns with more than one shaft group.

In the Complex Drafting version, you have available pattern threading and liftplan, two ground threadings and treadlings and up to four weavepoint. WeavePoint is made to fill the requirements of the experienced designer.

When editing, all changes are instantly reflected in corresponding areas of the draft. How can I run WeavePoint under Linux? The menu and dialogue text fonts may look slightly different from when you run Weavepoint under standard Windows. Includes the Project Plannerweavepoint easy-to-use worksheet that yields accurate costing for waevepoint of your weaving projects. We do not host downloads on our own, but point you to the newest, original downloads.