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The context of Disintegration Loops changed. I closed the festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall, and we had the opportunity to have the London Contemporary Orchestra — this wonderful young, talented group of musicians — perform, for the first time in Europe, Maxim Moston’s arrangement of ‘Disintegration Loop 1. All of the Texas music programs were of the highest quality back then and this particular school was one of the top ones — amazing teachers. And I was like, ‘Oh, no, it’s just the music. The Disintegration Loops is a series of four albums by American avant-garde composer William Basinski released in and

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It was initially released in four parts, and was reissued in on its tenth anniversary as a 9-LP box set. He came over — he grew up in Coney Island — and after it was over, he said, ‘Billy, this is it!

It was just amazing. The Disintegration Loops is based on Basinski’s attempts to salvage earlier recordings made on magnetic tape in the early s by transferring them into digital format. William basinski disintegration loops can hear owls and occasionally the horses snorting, crickets, the wind, right now the screen door is kind of banging, the birds. Eventually, I somehow managed to develop my own style.

You’re not really hearing it all. On the afternoon of September 11,Basinski’s work was performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as a live orchestration to mark the tenth anniversary of william terrorist attacks.


Divinity From Dust: The Healing Power Of ‘The Disintegration Loops’

When folks talk about The Disintegration Loopsthe willam word I always hear is “decay” — you just used it yourself. I got a shortwave radio and started listening to these sounds coming from the universe and between stations, fascinated by trying dsiintegration pull things out of the airwaves and create something from nothing. And I felt, with my experience being in New York at that time, and willian I went through and what I saw my friends go through, I wanted to create an elegy.

So I learned to play the clarinet quite well. The Disintegration Loops is a series of four albums by American avant-garde composer William basinski disintegration loops Basinski released in and These sounds were treated further with a spatializing reverb effect. There’s a lot of soul to analog.

Where do you think tape music fits in the current spectrum of sound? We started with ‘Disintegration Loop 2’ — absolutely wonderful treatment Max did — and then we ended with ‘Disintegration Loop 1.

They sat there for almost five minutes — 1, people in silence. It’s 41, samples a second, so there are gaps. I need to just pay attention and make sure I’m recording and let’s see what happens here.

Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. It was really probably what John Cage would’ve wanted the audience to feel, listening to nothing but a little shuffle here, a throat clearing, someone adjusting in their chair or something like that. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from There was stone silence.


The series gathered universally favorable critical reviews and various accolades. It’s absolutely right to use that word with this music. November 15, 1: In addition to the four volumes of the series, the reissue includes two previously unreleased william basinski disintegration loops performances; one recorded live during a Wordless Music event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 11,and one recorded at the 54th Venice Biennale.

And a lot of young people that are my fans have grown up — along with my tape loops and everything — haven’t really been exposed to so william basinski disintegration loops of that sound. This is really resonating with me. Did your classical musical training inform any of that? This is its own thing.

The Disintegration Loops – Wikipedia

Every afternoon, it sounds like Godzilla has arrived and they’re just having fun at recess. The loops were disinteration to play for extended periods as they deteriorated further, with increasing gaps and cracks in the music. And at that time in the late ’70s in San Francisco, there were junk stores full of tape decks you could buy for five dollars with a box of tape.

I just thought, ‘Oh, this is what I need right now.