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They will know at least 2 moves by default. SP and Alt taken away from player if battle is lost. Battle other players in the CP Garden controlled by the A. Protectors – continuing the storyline, adding all new maps, new secrets and more! Back button aligned closer to the left edge of the screen. This game isn’t worth the money to buy it simply because it causes more problems than smiles. Fixed enemy battlers not resetting if a battle was lost and reloaded the game.

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If you are still on Version 1. Begin your own Protector journey today with this zenforms protectors RPG. Good game but requires alot of time leveling up each zenform and i just want to advance in the story. Opening of game to the title screen sped up. Game Center Challenge friends zsnforms check leaderboards and achievements.

Player movement both walking and running is zenforms protectors faster. Difficulty option added with 3 settings: Small graphical changes to the Attack Information pop up. Fixed using items in battles. Small UI and art asset changes made preparing for the next content update 1.


Status condition changes and fixes! It zenforms protectors alot of time battling zendorms zenforms, whereas in pokemon you didnt have to battle that much to level up. Battle logic corrected to fix damage calculations for some attacks like Combustion. Fixed several bugs related to Abilities in battle. Fixed enemy zenforms protectors not resetting protectoors a battle was lost and reloaded the game.

Check out the forum for more info. A network activity indicator has been added into the CP Garden when it’s fetching or sending data.

Fixed displaying of winning SP at the end of a battle. Slight sprite and graphic changes. Game Center support with 10 achievements for you to get in this version and more will be added in the future.

Cozade Town

Option to forfeit “Give Up” Echo Battle. Face the Rebellion and unravel the mysteries in the Caladan State of the mysterious masked man. Fixed several mapping errors thanks to forum member JesterSentinel. Fixed that annoying bug that caused players getting stuck during some cutscenes, including the intro.


Echo Battle League win zenforms protectors is now 2 points, and a loss is still 1. Also added a tip button, where you can tip me and I’ll use that income for future features. Display is corrected protectofs sending a prorectors zenforms protectors chat.

Will stop errors of getting kicked out of battle. If on “Very Hard” you also cannot lose a battle. IAP have zenforms protectors submitted to Apple with this version. Now displays player sprite, team, ranks your team like an in-game Protector, and shows Fav.

Account Suspended

Server Trade codework fixed up should stop cloning. Here are just a few to list. Each one coming in 4 colors and with their own movesets and Abilities.

This is my favorite game I have. New options for manually flipping the screen orientation, disabling sound effects, and proetctors the position of the main menu.