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Obito groans as his slap didn’t change anything, he sighs and looks around. He can be seen with the rest of his team in a photo behind Kakashi’s bed on the cover of chapter He strokes her hair gently, slowly pushing it aside so that he could gazing into her eyes. Shippuden Season 17 Season 17 Cover. At the beginning of Shippuden, Kakashi shows that he learned a new technique called Kamui which allows Mangekyou Sharingan users to teleport something or anyone into another dimension.

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Tobi / Obito Uchiha / “Madara Uchiha”

Afterwards, Obito recklessly launches a close-ranged Tailed-Beast Ball, but is repelled by the recovered Bee. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Eventually Obito became its Jinchuuriki but was defeated by the entire alliance and forced to see the error of his ways by Naruto. Luckily, his closest friend is a persistent and steadfast bastard who refuses to let him wallow in their shadowed past.

This lets Naruto grab his hand and free the Tailed Beasts from him.

Naruto: Shippuden (season 17) – Wikipedia

When he partially reveals his face to Sasuke to expose his Sharingan, you see it looks wrinkled, so you assume he’s an old man. So this would indicate that the deep voice was just part of his Dead Person Impersonation of Madara. What genjutsu was Obito using to control the 4th mizukage? How she missed his loud and sometimes obnoxious voice. He can’t use Kamui on others at the same time he’s using it on himself for intangibility.


Kakashi closed his eyes, unable to kamuk the beast that his love had become. Don’t fuck with Hokage Obito unless you are Hatake Kakashi. For his Tobi persona, his appearance at the end of the Rescue Gaara arc showcases his irreverence, goofiness, and general lack of skills.

Uchiha Obito Lives – Works | Archive of Our Own

Obito groans wincing at the bone stuck in his stomach that was making his body decompose. He eventually was defeated but this was mostly only due to his internal conflict. It turns out that Obito’s Will of Fire had never actually burned out, and his actions and unwillingness to acknowledge this are causing him inner turmoil that iss tearing him up inside. It took him a couple of minutes to go from a mindless berserker to controlling the Ten-Tails’ power to the point of leaving a disintegration bomb in the stump of the Fourth Hokage’s severed arm.

And given that he perceives Naruto as a younger version of himself it is not surprising that he is trying to break him. Madara Uchiha was overpowered by Black Zetsu earlier and Kakashi was nearing his limit.

He’s gone from the most powerful being in the Narutoverse since the Rikudo Sennin, to a Person Puppet for Black Zetsu after getting mentally kicked in the balls by Naruto, all the Tailed Beasts extracted from him, and when he tries to atone Black Zetsu takes him over and forces him to resurrect Madara.


The sound of waves crashing and new creatures calling for each other was all that would answer him. After he is spent grieving slightly, afterwards angrily turning around to the survivors and butchering them. The anime adds to this list the first members of Akatsuki and Izumi.

It’s the first clear hint of his Obfuscating Stupidity. Naruto follows the strategy which Shikaku relayed to him before his death to share Kurama’s chakra with his comrades and hence make the Allied Shinobi Forces much stronger than before. Lyu is used from episode to We’re way past the point of lectures, wouldn’t you agree sensei? He will not back down from obtaining his goals, the world be damned. However, that’s just a genjutsu; when Kakashi fatally impales him through the chest he really feels the pain.

When Rin died at Kakashi’s hands and their sensei did not come to the rescue it broke him and led him to accept Madara’s plan, beginning his Start of Darkness.

But why all this secrecy? Naruto and Madara both discovered this the hard way. If so what stopped him from returning?

He acts polite, patient, easy going and pretty laid-back but he’s really a zealot that will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Even then, he goaded Kakashi into stabbing him in the heart to get rid of Madara’s control and become the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki.